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Decreased susceptibility to ciprofloxacin was observed in 116 (32.
sonnei isolates submitted for typing were resistant to ciprofloxacin.
Ciprofloxacin can achieve high concentrations in bone and soft tissues and is efficacious for initial outpatient therapy in patients without intracranial spread or cranial nerve disease.
We welcome the QIDP designation for Ciprofloxacin DPI and Amikacin Inhale, as we continue investigating the safety and efficacy of their use in delivering anti-infective therapy directly to the lungs of patients suffering from non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis and intubated and mechanically ventilated patients suffering from Gram-negative pneumonia respectively," said Dario Mirski, MD, Vice President and Head, U.
Eighteen critically ill children (12 females, mean age 23 months) who received ciprofloxacin during the study period were identified.
Eight days after the biopsy the patient presented with dysuria at which time a urine culture was taken; he was diagnosed with acute prostatitis and started on ciprofloxacin.
Ciprofloxacin was purchased from Biopharmacy Company (Tehran, Iran) and iron dextran (Venofer) from Vinfor (International) Inc.
The bug continued spreading, and new data show that about 13 percent of gonorrhea infections across the United States are resistant to ciprofloxacin and the other fluoroquinolones.
Ciprofloxacin Injection, USP, is a widely-used anti-microbial agent, and the approval of several generic versions of this drug product can bring significant savings to the millions of Americans who have certain bacterial infections that can be treated with ciprofloxacin.
Methods: A prospective evaluation of 38 consecutive patients evaluated by the infectious disease service and receiving either ciprofloxacin or levofloxacin was undertaken.
Ciprofloxacin is the generic international name for the most common and widely used fluoroquinolone antibacterial agent originally introduced by Bayer Pharmaceuticals.