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At the University of California Los Angeles, the use of gyrA genotyping has decreased the use of ceftriaxone for the treatment of Neisseria gonorrhoeae infections from 94 percent prior to assay implementation to 78 percent after; there was also a concomitant increase in the use of targeted ciprofloxacin therapy.
In this study, we compared the clinical efficacy of Ciprofloxacin and Tetracycline and the results were analysed.
Results: Topical ciprofloxacin is more effective in earlier control of congestion and discharge of ear in CSOM; (p value = 0.
Ciprofloxacin (Java pharmaceutical, Pakistan), D-mannitol, D-penicillamine, Octanol, Stannous chloride, Gentistic acid (Sigma Aldrich, USA), Sodium pyrophosphate, Ascorbic acid, Acetone (Riedel, Germany), Saline (Otsuka, Pakistan), Tricholoacetic acid (Fisher Scientific, UK).
Ciprofloxacin orally + ORS + Rice bran mixed with Barley broken grains (Group III)
sonnei isolates submitted for typing were resistant to ciprofloxacin.
In addition, the company has announced its second patent in Australia (AU2012211514) entitled "Concentrated, Inhalable Ciprofloxacin Formulation," covering formulations of ciprofloxacin including that used in Pulmaquin.
Antimicrobial susceptibility testing was performed by the disc diffusion test for ciprofloxacin (5 Rg), ampicillin (10 [micro]g), cotrimoxazole (1.
Eighteen critically ill children (12 females, mean age 23 months) who received ciprofloxacin during the study period were identified.
Using sterile forceps, place disks of ciprofloxacin 5 (CIP 5, Lot No.
Since the flouroquinolones especially ciprofloxacin are often prescribed to treat poly microbial infection in diabetes like diabetic gastro paresis, diabetic foot infection and respiratory infection (Hammerman, 2003).