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For Circadian Rhythms, the Glucksman has partnered with APC Microbiome Ireland SFI Research Centre at UCC, where world-leading researchers are investigating how gut microbes can influence human circadian rhythms to impact obesity, metabolic disease and brain function.
Shift workers, for example, disrupt their natural circadian rhythms and have a higher risk of heart disease as a result (as well as obesity, diabetes, and stroke).
Researchers have now identified insulin as a primary signal that helps communicate the timing of meals to the cellular clocks across our body, and in doing so strengthen the circadian rhythm. The team's experiments in cultured cells, replicated in mice, show that insulin, a hormone released when we eat, adjusts circadian rhythms in many different cells and tissues individually, by stimulating the production of a protein called 'period', an essential cog within every cell's circadian clock.
Our circadian rhythm continues to be confused by bright light in the evening and limited access to natural light during the day.
Circadian rhythm is controlled by a 'pacemaker' located in the suprachiasmatic nuclei of anterior hypothalamus.
Did you know that as one ages, their body's circadian rhythm changes, too?
Their findings, published today in the journal Scientific Reports,show that students whose circadian rhythms were out of sync with their class schedules -- say, night owls taking early morning courses -- received lower grades due to "social jet lag," a condition in which peak alertness times are at odds with work, school or other demands.
But previous research suggests melatonin supplements help realign a person's circadian rhythm and sleep, and can improve cardiovascular and cognitive health, including in patients with Alzheimer's disease, who may start producing less melatonin in the early stages of their illness.
Kooij and her colleagues showed that ADHD, depression, anxiety, and circadian rhythm sleep problems are fellow travelers.
decided to discover genes that are liable for circadian rhythm in fruit flies [12].
In addition to the impaired circadian rhythm of SLA in SDT fatty rats, the rhythm of melatonin secretion was blunted in SDT fatty compared with control SD rats.
The association of circadian rhythm disruption with cognitive function, mood, immune system disruption, and metabolism in shift workers as well as people with mood disorders provides further evidence for the effects of circadian disruption on synaptic plasticity.

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