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The Circle of Willis (COW) is a ring of interconnecting arteries present at the base of brain that supplies blood to the brain and neighboring structures.
So circle of Willis is an alternate route of blood flow which acts as a safety mechanism, allowing adequate blood supply to brain areas even when blockage occurs in arterial system preventing a cerebro-vascular accident.
Influence of the collateral function of the circle of Willis on hemispherical perfusion during carotid occusion as assessed by transcranial colour-coded duplex ulrasonography.
Key words: Subclavian artery, Vertebral artery, Circle of Willis, Subclavian artery steal syndrome.
3) in patients with a hematocrit percentage exceeding 60%, both Circle of Willis and dural sinuses are hyperdense on NECT scans of brain.
In an autopsy study of the circle of Willis of 1021 cadavers in India, only two aneurysms were found (Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences, 1993).
Due to refractory headache and vertigo, MRI was done which revealed suprasellar arachnoid cyst causing mild obstructive hydrocephalus with displacement of arteries in circle of Willis.
By establishing the shunt between the carotid artery and femoral vein, blood from the opposite side of the brain via the Circle of Willis and collateral vessels is redirected to the lower pressure venous return.