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It hasn't been circle the wagons style, getting everyone behind the ball and sticking the boot in under McLeish.
He sees no option but to circle the wagons and try to preserve the species until the planet heals itself.
At times like this, Liverpool supporters' natural reaction is to circle the wagons, and defend our own; amply illustrated by the reception accorded to Rafa at the Stoke game.
You go into a siege mentality, circle the wagons and say: 'Right, it's just us now.
They will circle the wagons and protect each other as they always do.
Aside from the understandable tendency to circle the wagons around our faith and its traditions, how are Christians called upon to respond to these events?
Refreshingly, it won't be a circle the wagons approach by the Baggies, but they do look as if they need more than they've got at present.
After all, Old Deer Park has never been a happy hunting ground for the Billesley Common club and, with a side missing half a dozen injured players who might be considered first-choice, connections could be forgiven for thinking that this was a time to circle the wagons.