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A territorial or geographical division of a country or state.

A circuit is the judicial territory over which a court has the jurisdiction to hear cases.

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a periodical journey made to an area by judges. The regularity of the practice led to the administrative divisions of the English court service being described as circuits. The Scottish High Court of Justiciary still sits on circuit around Scotland.
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The dimensionless system (12) is obtained by normalizing the circuital equation with t = t/RC, that is,
Given admittance Y = G([omega])+jB([omega]) associated to the coaxial probe terminal, an adequate circuital model is associated to relate its real and imaginary parts with the real and imaginary part of the complex dielectric permittivity, [[member of].sup.[conjunction]'] and [[member of].sup.[conjunction]"].
La descripcion en VHDL del modelo circuital concurrente, que emplea el multiplicador para el CESR, esta basada en la ecuacion 3, al aplicarla se obtiene la configuracion presentada en la Tabla 2.
Moreover, circuital realization of theoretical model plays an important role in practical chaos-based applications such as secure communications [35], random numbers generator [36], or path planning for autonomous robots [37].
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Values calculated this way for the parameters of the CRLH-TL were optimized by means of a microwave circuital simulator resulting in the layout and the values of the lumped elements illustrated in Figure 3; the corresponding [S.sub.11,35[ohm]] calculated by means of circuital simulations is given in Figure 4.
A detailed explanation of the functionalities and of the hardware implementation of the circuital blocks of Figure 2 is given in the following.