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Cross border e-commerce transactions have always presented significant challenges for UAE-based merchants, because of limiting factors like circuitous transfer routes and fluctuating exchanges rates, leading to limited access to cash flows," said Bhairav Trivedi, CEO of Network International.
However, later the US companies began to find circuitous legal ways for cooperation, after which the trade turnover began to grow.
Too often it is a nightmare story as Mariangela takes us with her family along the circuitous pathway of finding answers to things which were capable of tearing her family apart.
LADIES' Day stunner Lorraine Corrigan took a Circuitous route home in a new car yesterday.
There is another curious and circuitous connection with the number nine, in that Brian Epstein and Rob Wooler were both born on the 19th of the month - different months and years.
A couple of those successful have been sent from Dalgleish's South Lanarkshire base to Wolverhampton and Circuitous has a first-rate chance of adding to the tally in the 5.
The Godolphin star has arrived here via a circuitous route but for all that his form stacks up, Frankie's on board and he's an improving type who is unexposed - hence the tasty price
Cole could also be on the mark at Bath with the promising Circuitous in the Lindley Catering Median Auction Maiden Stakes.
While all the birds headed out in the correct direction, pigeons with a blocked right nostril took a more circuitous path, stopping and exploring more en route, suggesting that the right nostril is important for processing navigation-related odors.
Before everyone starts saying it's public money, if you think about it everyone is paid with the public's money although sometimes by a more circuitous route.
Tribesmen frequently take the circuitous Afghan route as the direct road linking the two regions is often the scene of Taliban attacks on travellers.
Fake or substandard versions of medicines are often hidden in cargos taking circuitous.