circuitous route

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With more the Tyneside Worswick bus station in April On a personal note, in the years before the Metro arrived, I would catch the 529 back to Jarrow on a hugely circuitous route which seemed to take in nearly all of Tyneside.
England have taken their usual circuitous route to the venue for this week's first Test, docking in Perth three weeks ago, then on to Adelaide before making a six-day stop in Townsville.
This is because the trip takes a circuitous route passing through Santa Fe town in Nueva Vizcaya, and San Jose City and Lupao town in Nueva Ecija province.
A circuitous route landed him in a displaced-persons camp in Germany, where he fell in love with his future wife; it then took him to Chicago, and eventually to the illustrious Newsweek job that would be his life's work.
The circuitous route out of town by way of Bevington Bush was improved by carrying a new street in a direct line northward to Mile End, opposite the present Virgil Street.
As per Petroleum ministrys advice, IndianOil trucks were re-routed to Tripura through alternate circuitous route, reserved exclusively for Petroleum and LPG movement.
The "plug in" adventurer has just completed the North Coast 500, a challenging, 516-mile, circuitous route around the Highlands of Scotland, in the new 30kWh Nissan LEAF.
They will set out from Morfa Nefyn to Holyhead, down to Betws-Y-Coed, back to Porthdinllaen via a circuitous route following the coastline of the Lleyn Peninsula.
The dossier is said to contain information about the circuitous route taken by the entities to deposit money in foreign banks.
After a circuitous route, I began working at the very organization that gave me the tools to succeed.
Bader — author ofthe acclaimed Papa Sartre , twice longlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction — took a circuitous route with his latest novel project.
BACK PAGE Pearce and Blues' Gary Rowett, felt justice had been done in the end, although Rowett conceded the circuitous route would probably have irritated the visitors.