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Almost immediately after hitting newsstands, the 9,000-word piece was met with a paroxysmal rage that circuitously exiled this "freshman" from the very collegiate ranks that Brown had documented.
The cook's narrative moves circuitously around the deficiencies of Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald, tales of King George's recent illness, her own upbringing and back to the important question of what there is to eat.
Krasny and Tidball (2009) suggest that non-linear thinking shifts the focus from who is to blame for environmental patterns of behavior to understanding how everything circuitously works together to create those patterns.
The work of the club has been meaningful, even as creating new visions has led us circuitously around and around this funny business of representation.
At the story's beginning, conversation over bread leads, farcically and circuitously, to a comparison between whites and blacks, to the color of their complexions when they get angry, to distinctions between men and women, to the contention that white women are to be envied for their long straight hair, and to the idea that whites will always consider blacks savages because of their violence against women.
It was this work that circuitously prompted the initiation of Irving's memoir, Harmonic Possibilities.
Terrorism intimidates the whole globe and every one unswervingly or circuitously is caught up or gets influenced.
16) Addressing the facial challenge to the constitutionality, of the Throwout Rule, the New Jersey Tax Court circuitously found that "the Director's [of the Division] obligation under [the Throwout Rule] to ensure that the allocation of income to New Jersey is fair under the Due Process and Commerce Clauses in itself provides a basis for sustaining the facial constitutionality of a statute that might, under certain circumstances, result in an unfair apportionment of income to [New Jersey].
Recognizing its relatively trivial international status while correctly understanding the complexity of world politics, Osama Bin Laden hoped the attacks would circuitously achieve al-Qaeda's goal, (xxvii) of "bleeding America to the point of bankruptcy.
Increases in productivity led circuitously to child labor laws, compulsory attendance laws, and other means of limiting young people's access to the workplace, and to dramatic increases in the number of years youths spent in schools and to the reformulation of the high school as a mass institution.
Second, paragraph 15 circuitously defines wholly unperformed contract as a contract in which the seller has transferred no goods or services to the customer and has not received, and is not yet entitled to receive, consideration in exchange.
That is to say, the Court could have circuitously transformed its advisory opinion into a mandatory decision.