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should not use circuitousness of geographic boundaries or districting
The outpouring of such a "five-track mind" as Chavez-Silverman describes it, results in an art form that combines two languages to paint a portrait of a woman more prone to circuitousness than neat and tidy classification.
Quiroga notes that circuitousness, evasion, and avoidance, which tombois evidence by avoiding certain masculine behaviors in front of family, are not necessarily forms of denial but particular ways of saying something.
To me, this says more about the circuitousness and reticence of Londoners than it does of the openness of Yorkshire folk.
It is this plan that structures and makes meaningful March's frequent, and frequently erratic, travels through the city; and by extension, it is this plan that structures and makes meaningful what many critics and readers have found to be the circuitousness or the "agitated formlessness" of Hazard (Daugherty 166).