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We note that the average degree of circuity has increased slightly in short-haul markets and decreased slightly in long-haul markets, leading to minor changes in fare levels.
There was, however, an important shift in this circuity since Ulaqayi said that his father also appeared in his older brother's dream and scolded him for just looking at Ulaqayi (i.
The second technique for representing the passage of time includes its encapsulation in the variety of landscapes that tumble one after another through the story - Tehran, English boarding school, American universities in Ohio, George V in Paris, a Texas estate - tumbling so quickly in the context of a certain circuity that one hardly notices how temporal change is rendered a matter of inference.
Douglas and Mahowald hope to make an easy-to-use system that neurobiologists can put to work testing ideas about neural circuity.
Turret rewinds feature programmable circuity for taper and constant tension.
The Hawthorne - Circuity City loan is secured by a 33,862 sf retail property located in Hawthorne, CA.
RISING ON STURDY STEMS, A GROUP OF ABBREVIATED torsos seems to stir in slow circuity like tulips under the soft persuasion of a breeze.
Should she respond to him the internal power circuity would be immediately transformed and so in his favour.
86) Specifically, the Supreme Court addressed the issue of the Eleventh Amendment and the state's contention that it was shielded by that amendment from having to pay from the treasury the funds ordered by the district court and affirmed by the Sixth Circuity The Court held to the contrary--that the State, having been found liable, could be required to help pay the cost of remedying the dual system, and this extended to underwriting the cost of ancillary educational relief.
those that could increase rail costs, such as when there is excessive rail circuity, new track construction, or the move is intra-terminal (all in one metropolitan area) so that an interchange between railroads or different "hubs" is required.
CONTACT: Morgan Stewart, Media Coordinator of Circuity City Stores, 804-527-4003/
Forecasts run in just minutes, and users can modify assumptions on traffic and fare stimulations, diversion, code shares, connection time windows, circuity, QSI values, and other important factors.