circular reasoning

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Caption: Circular reasoning Shrinking of the Tethys Ocean fueled Pangaea's breakup, a scientist proposes.
On the whole, Guilding dextrously avoids what can become circular reasoning and a historical sweeping statements in other hands.
However, these quests to assign the blame or pinpoint the ultimate cause of the troubled situation in the country or the reason behind international community's inability to 'administer' the BiH's post-conflict democratization processes often fall prey to circular reasoning.
A circular reasoning may govern our evaluations, in which our unexamined values serve to identify greatness in a poem or a prose text, and that discovered greatness then confirms our preconceived notions.
The assumption of a political role for venerated royal ancestors may have been too dominant in this research, leading to circular reasoning.
Laws must be grounded in the Constitution, not sentiment, political goals, or circular reasoning.
However, circular reasoning is only present when the conclusion is nothing more than a reiteration of the premise(s) of the reasoning.
The latter title would have suited the book's content better; as Sosa acknowledges, its purpose is to gather his various writings on the subject of circular reasoning.
In criticism, she appears occasionally to beg the question or fall into circular reasoning.
While Greene suggests, in an instance of rather circular reasoning, this is because the ERA was less popular and successful than some of her other endeavors (117-118), I propose that it may also be due to its perceived incongruity with her role as First Lady.
If nothing else, the evidence seems to suggest that circular reasoning is every bit as common as intelligent life.
In one of the few instances where Brown allows a logical inconsistency to disrupt his arguments, he dismisses David Neumeyer's extensions of Schenkerian theory through a curious bit of circular reasoning (p.