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The data of both FSL-assisted anterior capsulotomy and the manual CCC on diameter, circularity and the rate of anterior capsule tear were aggregated by the means and standard deviation.
The form tolerance such as circularity and cylindricity was measured by using co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) and it is shown in Fig.
A perfectly circular filament will have a circularity index value of 1, and less circular filaments will have values less than 1.
In response, it has to be noted that the difficulties ostensibly raised by the circularity argument are by no means unique to legal polycentrism.
When asked whether the show's pilot would be referenced in the finale, Gilligan said: "There's a certain type of circularity that might be pleasing".
Historically, the company has been using air gauges for checking diameter, circularity, and bend and twist.
Why would Freud and Durkheim impose tautologous spirals of circularity on their disciples and put ill-fitted straitjackets on their clients?
Analytical solution to the circularity problem in the discounted cash flow valuation framework
The results, presented as circular equivalent diameter (CED) and circularity in Table 1, show that the untreated sample contained a higher percentage of larger particles (>3 [micro]m) and presented a lower overall circularity than the treated sample.
As depicted in Table 1, the first issue is trying to avoid circularity in thinking.
There is also a wonderful parallelism and circularity to the story.