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Long-range RNA-RNA interactions circularize the dengue virus genome.
Long- range RNA-RNA interactions circularize the dengue virus genome.
The orbiter will start to gradually circularize its orbit in March 2017 using aero-braking, its solar panels will be used to slow it down through friction with the Martian atmosphere.
That would match computer simulations, which predict both that leftover gas will take a while to circularize its orbit and that flows should be filamentary--even while gas much closer to the black hole quickly forms a disk that drains material in to the event horizon.
The 2010 audit report's cover letter said: "It is not practicable for the foundation to establish control over their donations prior to their initial entry in the accounting records nor is it practicable for us to circularize possible donors or perform other auditing procedures to satisfy ourselves that all donations have been received and recorded.
As a moon travels around its planet, the larger body tries to circularize the orbit of the smaller.
We select RNAs that circularize in the presence of T4 RNA ligase, a reaction that requires a free 5[prime] [Alpha]-phosphate and therefore indicates release of the [Beta][Gamma] phosphates present in every transcript.
The first mission in a decadelong program of geophysical robotic exploration as the planet moves into alignment with Earth, the spacecraft will employ Lockheed-developed aerobraking techniques to circularize the orbit over Mars's polar caps.
Not surprisingly, almost all hot Jupiters (Jupiter-mass planets orbiting their host stars 5 to 10 times closer than Mercury orbits the Sun) have extremely low-eccentricities because tidal interactions with their nearby host stars will circularize their orbits over long timescales.
The disk would also tend to circularize their orbits, keep the orbital planes well aligned, and help prevent the planets from locking one another into resonances.