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This technique can be used to realize circularized polarization diversity for most wireless communication systems, such as MIMO and 4G.
As background to the empirical research conducted in 2011, the survey was circularized in 2008 and 2009 in two events on carbon markets organized by the Stock Exchange of Buenos Aires and the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
The gas in this system is key, causing the stars to slow down and conform to a circularized orbit.
The result is a set of as many as eight circularized hybrids for each target region.
Failing this method, employees are circularized in the hope that someone among their friends or relatives may be suitable.
Accordingly, as "project coordinator" I circularized "the editorial board" in March with a tentative agenda for the next meeting at Sarcelles, strongly emphasizing the board's importance:
They also note "this circularized form is a head-to-tail ligation of the long terminal repeats that occurs after reverse transcriptase and nuclear importing of the proviral DNA" (p.
The unit features an adjustable focus, quality glass optics, and optional beam expanding optics and is available with a circularized beam or with standard elliptical output.
The laser can be adjusted from a standard elliptical to a circularized beam in either a continuous wave or modulated output configuration.
Meanwhile, City who's average home attendance this season has dropped alarmingly to around 750 per game, have circularized clubs advising them that their players are available for transfer.
Five nanograms of the circularized DNA and 100 ng of the primers OL39 (-): 5'- 253TTGGTGGAGGT GGAACTGAA-3' and OLll0 (+): 5'-263AGCTAAAGA AGTCACATGGAC-3' were used in a 50-[micro]L PCR reaction.