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Circulate through the system to ensure proper mixing before production starts.
This new system works like your own blood circulation system and circulates warm liquid to your fingertips.
In contrast, the white blood cells circulate freely.
In a process that normally helps the body get rid of viruses, an immune system protein--part of the so-called complement system--coats HIV's surface when it circulates in the bloodstream.
A cross-protective immune response could explain why these 2 human coronaviruses do not circulate at the same time.
While these improbable stories that circulate around the Internet are amusing, they highlight the serious problems related to misperceptions among end users about cyber security.
pertussis strains could circulate simultaneously even in small communities, and only some strains, possibly with increased fitness, are capable of spreading effectively.
According to the city clerk, Carlson last year submitted a notice of intent to circulate a petition for a rent control initiative, but the petition was never circulated and never submitted to the city.
A study now reports that these identifying odors circulate in the blood, although they're apparently bound to proteins that normally mask the smell.
Two parallel closed-loop ducts circulate hot (up to 572 F) and cold air.
The publisher of the report claims to have been paid $12,500 by a third-party to circulate the report.
Both sides say they will circulate petitions seeking the 15,000 signatures needed to put each question on a ballot, with the earliest possible election in April.