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The photo, which was taken by the teenage girl's sister, was circulated throughout two high schools in the Rockwood School District.
No ethnic and other clashes or tensions are projected in the nearest future, they said in their comments on the rumors circulated in the region about possible resumption of ethnic clashes with the end of the holy month of Ramadan.
Maliciously, and without cause, circulates or causes to be circulated, either verbally or in writing, any rumor with the intent to injuriously affect the financial standing or reputation of any bank doing business in this state;
H5N1 influenza viruses have continuously circulated in southeastern Asia since 1996 (1-5).
The information about the dangers of water bottle reuse that was circulated back in 2003 was found to be baseless, but nevertheless continues to pop up from time to time.
The measure, authored by activist Ted Costa, was challenged in court because the wording going onto the ballot is slightly different from the wording circulated by signature gatherers.
After the tragedies of last September, dire reports and forecasts of economic hard times circulated and circulated and that's just about all they did.
The invention relates to a method of drying wood in a drying chamber, wherein a drying medium, for instance air, is circulated through a batch of wood placed in the drying chamber in a wood-drying process.
Europeans--especially Germans--tried in the past to prevent their currencies from being circulated widely abroad.
The inner layer of the hose, the hose tube, is formulated from synthetic rubber having, in addition to strength and resistance to damage, inertness to the fluid that will be circulated.
After the binder is melted, cold air is circulated to cool the preform to about 160 F, and cooling continues until the table returns to the spray-up position.
Although NSF never published the report, it was widely circulated throughout the organization in draft form.