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Maliciously, and without cause, circulates or causes to be circulated, either verbally or in writing, any rumor with the intent to injuriously affect the financial standing or reputation of any bank doing business in this state;
Two parallel closed-loop ducts circulate hot (up to 572 F) and cold air.
Based in Recife, Jornal do Commercio circulates 60,000 copies during the week with circulation escalating to 90,000 for the Sunday edition.
This maze of lasers, switches, and optical fibers occupies a space about the size of a desk, stores programs, processes data, and calculates using light instead of electricity Information inside the computer circulates continually in the form of light pulses - except during the brief periods when light pulses are converted into electrical pulses to activate optical switches.
In performing certain complex cardiac surgical procedures, it is necessary to detour blood from the patient's heart and lungs to a cardiopulmonary (heart-lung) bypass machine in the operating room which artificially adds oxygen to the blood and then circulates the oxygenated blood to all of the organs in the patient's body.
A major advance came in 1998 when Dennis Lo, now at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and his colleagues reported that fetal DNA circulates freely outside of cells in a pregnant woman's bloodstream.
Peyser emphasizes that this system circulates only clean water.
Reports of infections in travelers, clinical research, and epidemiologic studies have shown that TOSV affects the central nervous system and is a major cause of meningitis and encephalitis in Mediterranean countries in which the virus circulates (1).
By heating the floor, a thermal inversion is created that traps cool air at the ceiling and circulates warm air in the living space.
4] circulates in the blood both freely and bound to carrier proteins.