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The Synergy Pocket Circulatory Assist device is designed to rest a failing heart by supplementing its natural function.
Keith Lurie, Chief Medical Officer of Advanced Circulatory Systems said, "We are very pleased that the AHA has given this new device a high recommendation for use during CPR.
CircuLite is striving to transform the treatment model for this condition to long-term, partial circulatory support.
ABIOMED, which currently sells the BVS(R) 5000 Biventricular Support System and the AB5000(TM) Circulatory Support System, is the market leader in devices for the temporary support of patients with failing but potentially recoverable hearts.
Hyperthermia using circulatory perfusion resembles dialysis and involves drawing blood from a blood vessel, passing the blood through a heat exchanger with a blood pump (warming it to 45-47 C or 113-117 F) and returning it to a vessel.
There is a clinical need to provide pediatric patients with temporary mechanical circulatory support that can be placed quickly and easily without the need for an extensive surgical procedure.
To date, few studies have addressed the biochemical properties of circulatory fetal DNA (19, 20).
Early development of human embryos, including patterning of the neural tube, many aspects of behavior, hematopoiesis, and development of the heart, circulatory system, brain, body axis, ear, liver, and kidney are highly similar in zebrafish and human embryos.
The Synergy([R]) Pocket Micro-pump represents a new approach to minimally invasive circulatory support that can transform chronic heart failure management by providing a less-invasive, elective treatment option for patients before their disease state becomes emergent.
Advanced Circulatory Systems specializes in formulating technologies to non-invasively raise circulation, this non-invasive therapy can potentially protect the heart, brain, and other vital organs when blood flow is compromised, giving rescuers, clinicians, and caregivers the potential to return patients to a full life after critical medical emergencies.
Albumin is the gold standard for preventing circulatory dysfunction following paracentesis greater than five liters.