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Meislin et al showed that neurologic injuries and circulatory collapse or hemorrhage accounted for over 80% of early deaths (19).
Treatment of such cases should be managed with critical care support, and it should be remembered that rapid infusion of suramin may precipitate circulatory collapse.
Daniel then suffered circulatory collapse when he was just a day old.
Reports show Daniel was not ventilated and when he suffered a circulatory collapse, medics starved him of oxygen for between 10 and 25 minutes, causing permanent and significant damage to his brain.
The patient died of refractory cardiac dysrhythmia and circulatory collapse approximately 36 hours after the first signs of propofol infusion syndrome appeared.
Unfortunately, continued use of these drugs could lead to medical problems such as addiction and, worse, circulatory collapse.
Unfortunately, continued use of these drugs proved addictive and could lead to circulatory collapse.

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