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2000) suggested that the weeds in the circumambience of crop treatments provided beneficial arthropods for a botanic canopy and a shelter, so the diversity of beneficial arthropods (e.
Since only a moving lens, whether human or mechanical, can compass the whole horizon or even a wide segment of it, this sense of circumambience is conveyed by the way impression follows impression in a rapid sequence often linked only by the headlong `and's that Taylor tried so hard to eliminate.
2000) proposed that the trap plants which were planted in the circumambience of crop fields might act as a significant physical barrier for the dispersal of Lepinotarsa decemlineata (Say) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), thus the damage of potato might decrease in the plant trap system.
Death becomes the fantasy of the past resurrected, while the present with its self-imposed misery becomes both a goad to end her life and the means of simulating the circumambience of Unlove in which her love for Heathcliff flourished long ago.