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perfected relation between man and his circumambient universe is life
In "Morality and the Novel," Lawrence writes that "morality is that delicate, for ever trembling and changing balance between me and my circumambient universe, which precedes and accompanies a true relatedness" (172).
This change in historiographical perspective principally entails studying Islamic origins in reference to the history and religious culture of the circumambient communities on the periphery and within the purview of the Arabic-speaking communities of the Near East in the seventh century CE, rather than confining their attention to the immediate, inner Arabian cultural circumstances of the new religion's appearance.
My sense of identity was no longer narrowly confined to a body but embraced the circumambient atoms.
A moderate and prolonged pressure, on the contrary, gradually puts in motion the whole mass of circumambient air; the faintest sound, given in this manner, if not drowned by the accompaniment, will reach the ears of the most distant auditor.
Certain range of Reynolds criterion numbers defines the circumambient medium's movement mode--laminar or turbulent.
Square four-arched plan with circumambient corridors, Stone architecture (mixed with brick architecture), Dome over the cylinder, toronbeh cornering.
5 kHz and the circumambient harmonic is enlarged obviously.
It means almost reading the scene like an annotator, who is aware of circumambient history" ("Introduction," 63).
Despite the brevity of the text, despite its dissociative pull and paratactic economy, the impression is not just of circumambient registration but of penetrating surveillance.
The phantasm advanced towards me; it seemed then, to my imagination, that his figure was borne on the sweet strain of music which filled the circumambient air.
I shall argue from the philosophy of Hindu ethics that the embedded evil in the circumambient situation precludes Hamm and Clov from consorting with the "whole" or the dharma of existence.