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CIRCUMDUCTION, Scotch law. A term applied to the time allowed for bringing proof of allegiance, which being elapsed, if either party sue for circumduction of the time of proving, it has the effect that no proof can afterwards be brought; and the cause must be determined as it stood when circumduction was obtained. Tech. Dict.

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However, removing the requirement for finger counting can reduce this to a smaller number, particularly if external interaction is permitted, such as a common feature for thumb circumduction axis to be passive and changed by the user, as is the case with the TBM, iLimb, and Bebionic hands.
Deviations during the swing phase include a decreased foot-floor clearance, abnormal foot-floor contact after swing with the foot flat on the floor, and circumduction of the hip with the knee in extension resulting in the dragging of the toes (2, 3, 8, 9, 10).
His hemiparesis had progressed to the point of no spontaneous use of the left arm, which he held in a flexion posture, and dragging of the left leg with circumduction at the hip.
Furthermore, these features may also help in circumduction motions of the manus during wing beats.