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If the constitutive parameter n increases, the circumferential principal stretch of arterial wall becomes smaller under same internal pressure, which means the inflation ratio of arterial wall decreases correspondingly.
19,20) Our study demonstrated that patients with isthmic spondylolisthesis undergoing circumferential fusion can have a good clinical outcome.
In both models the axisymmetric torsional mode T(0,1) was generated by prescribing identical circumferential displacement time histories on the outer surface at all nodes at the end A of the pipe.
The Basilan Circumferential Road Project is seen as a major infrastructure initiative to lift Basilan from poverty and bring prosperity in the south Philippines' island province as government continues its campaign against local terrorism and lawlessness in the area.
Cross-wound packages made using circumferential driving of the tube do not permit to achieve the unwinding speeds necessary on fast weaving loom, where the cross-wound package is used as a wefting package.
In a recent poll of 195 VelaShape treatment providers, more than 84 percent reported VelaShape resulted in an average circumferential reduction of one to two inches, 14 percent reported an average of two to four inches and two percent reported an average reduction of five inches or more.
To address these properly, it is essential that the liner characteristics in the longitudinal and circumferential directions be determined.
A mammal's eardrum is made up of a large number of radial and circumferential fibers (represented in the illustrated sequence as a web of yellow and green lines in the lower left-hand corner of each frame).
The unpredicted growth experienced during this fall's sales boom involved the Paragon High Performance Sealing Solution product line; DuraMax Radial, DuraFlex Circumferential and Bypass Seals, and Turnkey Implementation of the Basketed Elements.
Bracing ply reinforcements are oriented at an angle of 18[degrees] to 45[degrees] with the circumferential direction of the tire.
Contract awarded for West Circumferential Road (Friendship Highway), leading to DMIA, Angeles City Section, Angeles City, Pampanga, Contract ID No.