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For example, in the Croatian language game we find the circumfix jo--...--n.
Keywords: word play, Zagreb slang, affixes, suffixes, circumfixes, spoonerisms
An attempt to derive it from the base lain 'brain, marrow' plus an alleged circumfix ke- ...
Mekens has an intransitivizing prefix e-that comes close to a passive functionally, and Ese Ejja has a middle voice circumfix. There are no prefixed antipassives (and very few suffixed ones).
Almost all languages of the GM area (the only exceptions are Wari' and Kwaza) have prefixes or at least circumfixes (including prefix positions).
Even circumfixes are not very frequent among the languages of the world.
in circumfixes - see example (3) from Guillaume 2008: 115) and paradigmatically, in the case of e.g.