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The groin flap is based on the superficial circumflex iliac artery (SCIA) and has an unpredictable origin, direction, and size.
Congenital absence of left circumflex artery is a very rare coronary artery anomaly and is usually incidentally detected during various cardiac imaging modalities.
The circumflex branch was located on the coronary groove, originating two to five atrial branches (3.00 [+ or -] 1.55), and from three to seven ventricular branches (4.50 [+ or -] 1.97).
Occasionally, the number of branches of the profunda femoris differs; there may be three or four perforating arteries and both the lateral and the medial femoral circumflex arteries may arise directly from the femoral artery [8].
It adds hyphens, takes them away, tweaks spellings and removes the circumflex from the "i" and the "u" where the accent makes no change to accent or meaning.
While the changes were recommended years ago, the French took to social media to express their love of the circumflex, the accent used in many cases to change a word's pronunciation or to distinguish between words that are spelled the same but have different meanings.
(b) Acute coronary angiography showing severe coronary spasms in the left main, circumflex, and left anterior descending coronary artery.
They are mostly located in right coronary artery (RCA) followed by left main, left anterior descending, and circumflex arteries consecutively [5].
Computed tomography angiography revealed active bleeding from the ascending and descending branches of lateral femoral circumflex artery.
The only reason there isn't a question mark over Arsene Wenger's Arsenal future is that there's already a dirty great circumflex there.
This is commonly referred to as the cruciate anastomosis, which is a collateralisation between the inferior gluteal (internal iliac), medial circumflex femoral, lateral circumflex femoral and the first perforating branch (profunda femorus).
Right common femoral artery was supplied by right deep inferior epigastric artery and right deep iliac circumflex artery.