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Vives: "legendus est quidem, sed ita, ut te rem levem scias inspicere." Foster Watson's English, from Vives: On Education, A Translation of the De tradendis disciplinis ofJuan Luis Vives, translated by Foster Watson (Cambridge, 1913): "He may be read, but with a consciousness of the slightness of his value." Del Nero: "Sicuramente e un autore che debe essere letto, ma in modo tal che tu sia consapevole di avere tra le mani uno strumento di non eccelsa funzionalita." Compression of the original gives way to visual impact and circumlocution.
In this, Gritsch resorts to no evasion or circumlocution but offers a frank and forceful acknowledgement of Luther's own irrational and violent animus toward Jews and Judaism, which is traced through the entire trajectory of his career--even though this aberration was so much at odds with the rest of Luther's thinking and teaching.
If your eyes aren't blinkered you see an Egypt inured to everyday circumlocution, insanity held at bay by the skin of its teeth.
And this instalment was certainly an ornate extravaganza of copious circumlocution, largely courtesy of Iain Glen who played a bitter and twisted ex-army colonel who'd arrived in town to recruit his former grunt - and the show's kind-hearted heavy - Sgt Drake into a life of crime.
Here comes the important role of the writer to express his opinion clearly without circumlocution, and to "reweigh things" according to the real world information, not to contribute to changing it, but to know how to protect his head from the stones of anger, or whatever may be worse.
A master of circumlocution, Hitehens writes with a spontaneous, understated, digressive style, orbiting a target with asides and allusions until it is all but lost from sight.
AS put by translator and editor (and general editor of the series) Janaway, in his fine introduction (which includes a nice balance of summary, commentary, and notes on translation): "Payne has a tendency towards circumlocution rather than directness and is often not as scrupulous as we might wish in translating philosophical vocabulary ...
This must be done without the slightest audible preparation or circumlocution. By circumlocution, I mean feeling for the tone, as in a gliding through other tones up to it, or down upon it, from above, or again by any aspiration whatever; as, for instance, the vowel a (pronounced ah) as though an h were before it; like h'a.
"It is true that How not to do it was the great study and object of all public departments and professional politicians all round the Circumlocution Office." (Charles Dickens, 'Little Dorritt', Chapter10)
But he still regarded the sacrifice of simplicity or force to second-best "circumlocution" as "distracting." Neither compromises in tip 51: "Swear off substantive footnotes--or not." This communicates an individual choice.
Circumlocution of symbols as waves bends the idea and I recognize the ripples as such." This cryptic quote opens author Charles Matthew Sauer's book a bizarre glimpse at the human mind and imagination and the effect that stories and books have on our senses.