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They are usually well circumscribed on mammography; however, the appearance is highly dependent on the tissue subtypes included within the mass.
This high accuracy is the result of a combination of chromoendoscopy, which unmasks circumscribed lesions, and endomicroscopy, which allows in vivo diagnosis, Dr.
Over the years, the institutes and centers (ICs) of the NIH have developed many initiatives, mechanisms, and programs to support multidisciplinary research--that is, research that brings together researchers from different disciplines to focus on a circumscribed problem.
bad what so many women want: power and safety within her own circumscribed world.
Black women of Ella Baker's generation [were] vilified and stereotyped by whites and often circumscribed to a limited sphere of activity by black men," Ransby writes.
The scandals have revealed only a very small minority of CEOs engaged in foul play, yet the public is being led to believe that all CEOs are villains and should therefore be circumscribed in how they manage their companies.
Anyone who has even a passing knowledge of the Federalist or Anti-Federalist Papers knows that the key was not the right to vote (note all the references to the tyranny of the majority), but a Constitution that severely circumscribed governments' abilities to abuse their constituents.
Their public participation is, however, circumscribed by the religious and political agenda of the Islamic state whose chief objective is the creation of an "ideal woman citizen" responsible for the "purity" of a national Islamic culture.
His coal miner dad has never even seen the outskirts of Durham, which is especially depressing if your day is circumscribed by the grim routine of a miners' strike and your wife's gravestone.
Its tactics should be circumscribed by the need to build a safer world, based on law and cooperation.
According to the court, the First Amendment protected the jailer from discharge for failing to support the sheriff in a primary election because the jailer's duties were routine, circumscribed and ministerial and the jailer did not engage in law enforcement activities on behalf of the sheriff and was not entrusted with broad discretion.