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And this interpenetration has only become more pronounced: Dolce (1999) circumscribes a central monologue that hoists the interview format to the altitude of Racinian tragedy; Moloch and Taurus (the private lives of Hitler and Lenin respectively; 1999 and 2001) rise from the archive, unleashing a controversial fictional genre of "historical imagination," one that rides on each viewer's own fascinated projections.
Ours is a jaundiced view of the United Nations; we see little nobility in its Children's Charter, which circumscribes the rights of parents, or in its repeated attempts to force abortion, contraception, and sterilization on Third World nations.
Fish's emerging masculinity is thus systematically unmade in terms of a positive racial or sexual identity, for it is formed within an arena of white power which circumscribes entrance into the social world by persistently threatening the black male subject with total erasure and indeterminacy.