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Forthrightly, Coleman posits that this attempted uprooting of the Calibanic narrative is inexorably liberating and circumscribing; he asserts very clearly that these authors' technical virtuosity has yielded nuanced attempts to re-inscribe black male subjectivity that may on one level reaffirm the dreaded Calibanistic narrative but on another concomitantly interrupt and refashion it.
At the National Lutheran Home for the Aged, a sidewalk circumscribing the entire facility provides residents with a scenic walking path.
Whereas earlier studies of the Theoremes tended to privilege devotional stance and strategies over the poetic, Russell Ganim focuses on the process of absorption and readaptation of prior medieval and Renaissance subgenres, successively the blason, the baiser, the pastoral, and the emblem, circumscribing thereby the creative process of La Ceppede's rereading of the biblical account of Christ's passion, death, and resurrection.
Various domains shape the construction of HIV/AIDS as chronic disease with the societal construct circumscribing the body of knowledge concerning the pathological, mirroring the complexities of the malady itself.
The prevailing gossip suggested that Eifman and his company had a certain maverick, even sexy, Bejart-like quality, placing them markedly outside the more conventional boundaries still circumscribing those two Russian balletic monoliths, the Bolshoi and Kirov companies.
Nonetheless, without additional guidance circumscribing its application, the just-in-time ruling will likely spawn a plethora of proposed adjustments for machinery rearrangement costs, employee training expenses, and consulting fees -- regardless of whether the costs are attendant to the implementation of just-in-time manufacturing techniques.