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Most notably, according to Raphael's history, creation itself was an act of circumscription.
For research articles in particular, the life-span, life-space theory; the relational theory of working; and the theory of circumscription and compromise were also prevalent.
It was also regulated the fact that in the counties where there were partial elections in one electoral circumscription, was not constituted a county electoral bureau, the solving of the notifications that regard the electoral fraud is made by the Court to which that electoral circumscription belongs, with the delivery made at no more than 3 days from the registration (Naumescu, 2003: 98).
The recent circumscription recognized this family on the basis of a number of morphological and molecular data which divided it into four traditional families: Tiliaceae, Bombacaceae, Sterculiaceae and Malvaceae sensu stricto (s.
Though this circumscription is absolutely necessary and defensible on logistical grounds in order both to ensure a manageable scope of the project as well as remain in the orbit of von Balthasar's own approach, readers, along with Bychkov, will recognize the abundant incidence of aesthetic outliers: that is, "not all sensory (aisthetic) experiences are revelatory and not all revelatory experiences are sensory (aisthetic)" (326).
Jeffrey's 2002 edited collection with Gail Weiss, Thinking the Limits of the Body, rethinks the body as a type of desiring machine inhabiting a "borderland between liberatory expansion and tight social circumscription.
Disassembling the components constituting contemporary nationhood in postcolonial Barbados and global media spaces, Russell insightfully targets the historical circumscription of black female sexuality and ontological presence, linking both spheres of subjection to national and diasporic attitudes to 21st-century pop superstar Rihanna.
2001) erected the subfamily Agapophytinae Winterton, 2001 for genera endemic to the Australasian Region monophyletic with respect to Therevinae and the 7aenogera-group, an informal group that included genera from Australia and South America within the current extended circumscription of Agapophytinae (Winterton et al.
The difficult and confusing synonomy and circumscription is the result of extensive morphological variation among members of the complex (Shinners, 1944; Freckmann, 1981; Lelong, 1986).
Circumscription as well as differentiation of melanocytes in this melanoma was good, and mitotic figures were rare.
Gottfredson's theory of circumscription and compromise (1981, 1996, 2004), for example, was developed to account for the range of research findings associated with factors such as gender, race and social class.
McMenamin and Fletcher (10) have reported 5 cases of myopericytomas with malignant morphology characterized by poor circumscription, a high mitotic activity, and necrosis.