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Work that has been conducted indicates that higher socioeconomic status levels have a positive effect on adolescent aspirations (Lee, 1984), while lower socioeconomic status levels reflect a perceived lack of parental support for adolescent occupational aspirations (McWhirter, Hackett, & Bandalos, 1998) or a circumscription of future occupational aspirations in order to accommodate perceived limited local work opportunities (Furlong & Cartmel, 1995).
and the circumscription of Scrophulariaceae must include Scrophularia.
There has been considerable empirical evidence to support Gottfredson's (1981, 2002) propositions related to circumscription and compromise, particularly with regard to sex role stereotyping (e.
Again, this difference is less important than taxon circumscription itself, since the consensus tests have shown the global similarity among the four classifications.
In particular, longitudinal studies of men, beginning no later than middle school, are needed to document the ongoing process of career circumscription, compromise, and choice, with a focus on identifying those factors that encourage men to pursue nontraditional careers.
A, Circumscription suggests a benign tumor but may lead to diagnosis of carcinoid tumor.
support the division of the family into two subfamilies--Mapanioideae and Cyperoideae--, and broadly accept the tribal circumscriptions of Goetghebeur (1998) but with modifications in some tribes, among which is Cypereae Dumort.
The production of original knowledge and the marginalization and circumscription of the same, both internally and externally, are responsible for the (semi-)destruction of the university--both as an idea and as an institution--in most African states.
This means that deputies are attached to their circumscription and are less bound to the central apparatus of parties.
Circumscription theory lies squarely in the tradition of sociocultural evolutionism (4) and is indebted especially to the work of Herbert Spencer (Graber & Roscoe, 1985).
In general, the lesions are small and may resemble lymph nodes because of circumscription and peripheral inflammation.
This is in fact a summation of Western economics; circumscription of the "knowable" world by what has had a price tag put on it.