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It presents a second-order circumscriptive axiom, rather than the first-order schema originally used.
Implicit in this circumscriptive pressure is the presence, then of a local cultural cue that sanctions the abuse, or at the very least, refuses to see it punished.
non est circumscriptive in loco)," (96) or "incorporeal substances are not in place (incorporalia in loco non esse)" (97) are not cognized by them as self-evident.
This work was supplemented with papers cowritten with Etherington (Etherington and Reiter 1983), which initiated a large body of research on nonmonotonic formalisms for inheritance; with Criscuolo (Reiter and Criscuolo 1983), which described a variety of problematic settings for default reasoning and provided a number of standard benchmark examples for the field; and with Bertossi (Bertossi and Reiter 1992), which provides a circumscriptive characterization of generic objects in geometry.