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Specific topics include hot spots in the Korean Peninsula and the East and South China Seas: obstacles to an East Asian community, the Taiwanese identity: social construction and dynamic changes in cultural and political factors of influence, J-pop and manga in East Asia, China's media portrayal of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN): from antagonism to euphoria to circumspection, and China as a new global education hub.
His 79-year-old trainer Art Sherman has seen it all and if age is meant to produce circumspection then this horse is something else entirely, for Sherman can barely contain his enthusiasm.
Expressing concern over the growing protests in the Valley, he said, keeping in view totality of the situation, there should be caution and circumspection and a very close watch on the situation.
The South Africans batted with much circumspection and were grindingly pedestrian at times but did offer chances.
Far from being a decisive step to peace, this resolution's opaque and one-sided nature should be regarded with circumspection.
The one night of the year where normal rules around restraint and circumspection cease to apply.
Sexwale said: This assignment regarding the tension between Palestine and Israel is no easy walk and shall have to be approached with sensitivity and circumspection.
Such circumspection seems uncommon for Brazil, where the media has feasted on the riches-to-rags story of self-styled industrial maverick Eike Batista -- a charmer with PowerPoint who talked investors into bankrolling his drawing-board vision of an energy and logistics empire.
His circumspection and caution, she says, have made him less attractive than popes who were more flamboyant or bombastic.
But all the signs are that construction is recovering nicely across the Gulf region, and particularly in the UAE - this time with a welcome degree of circumspection.
According to Steven Schleider, president of Metropolitan Valuation Services, "Peter has shown a dedication to the profession and a willingness to embrace the work we do as commercial property appraisers with intelligence, honesty, circumspection and focus.
The principles proposed below to strengthen operational diplomacy are: national interest, credibility, clarity, comprehensiveness, understanding, perceptiveness, circumspection, confidence-building, decisiveness, and perseverance.