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Circumspectly, the two class projects presented several challenges, however set the foundation for future endeavors into the area of cross-pollination class.
Despite evidence to support this co-infection hypothesis, evidence cited from historical texts needs to be considered circumspectly because of the problems with diagnosis during these periods.
Charles and David (whose joint worth is estimated at $72 billion) operate more circumspectly than Mayor Ed likely ever did.
The people of South Africa yearn for change and even investors are circumspectly eyeing the first signs of reform, given the huge spurt in strikes and labour disputes in the recent past, before committing to business.
What its fleet is doing now quietly, clandestinely and circumspectly, a nuclear Iran could do openly, brazenly, and impudently.
In my opinion, the financial benefits that might be obtained by a permissive regulation of prostitution are obviously real, but the value thereof must be analyzed circumspectly.
2 overs, with their spin, Dhawan and Rahane began circumspectly, taking their side to 34 for no loss in nine overs at the break after India were forced to see off a possibly tricky period owing to Afghanistan's early dismissal.
It does leave you feeling foolish, and I must admit, since it happened, I do walk down the street looking a bit more circumspectly at people.
The Prussians, humbled and humiliated at Jena and Auerstadt in 1806, initiated necessary, but carefully and circumspectly, reforms afterwards.
Varun Chopra, batting more circumspectly than the previous evening, played a ball a little too tight to off stump and was caught by third slip Richardson.
Starting circumspectly against the inexperienced Indian new ball bowlers Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Shami Ahmed, the visitors put themselves under pressure and paid the price later in the innings as they were shot out for just 155 in the 43rd over.
Collins then wrote very circumspectly that if Tajik provided help, it would allow "my office to evaluate the information for its value to our investigation and determine what, if any, benefit may be afforded to Mr.