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His lenient rulings, however, needed to be treated most circumspectly since "his capacity for leniency exceeds that of the most lenient authorities in Israel.
Subordinates rarely make requests of superiors, and when they do they are often circumspectly, not baldly stated.
It is conceivable, therefore, that Leeds will start today's contest more circumspectly than they might almost any other at Elland Road.
I read Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn, and others who suffered persecution, but did not understand what it meant to be persecuted, to live underground, to speak circumspectly.
The restructuring of Israel's strategic doctrine has followed, or perhaps run parallel with, a gradual opening of a public debate on its nuclear arsenal over the last three or four years, with military leaders and government officials speaking more openly, albeit circumspectly, on the country's nuclear capabilities and its importance in the national defence strategy.
We move circumspectly, aware of the dangers of reading back from fiction to life, but the episode so establishes isolation, strangeness, and difference that it calls out to be linked to Eliot's own development.
Rather, the key insight from this cautionary tale is that before drawing any empirical inferences on the merit of any policy, one should examine historical evidence more circumspectly.
The "but" connects the presence of the film (which is introduced so circumspectly that it could, again, be simply a reference to the film in a tourist's camera) with the statement about the lack of a past, thus opening the possibility of conscious history through "seeing.
Whereas Gunter Mayer (Neue deutsche Biographie (Berlin, 1971-), XIV, 402-3) considered it virtually certain that Elia was the author, others are not convinced and even Erika Timm circumspectly leaves the matter open to debate.
245) In his depressingly empirical fashion, Judge Posner asserted that any "automatic rule must be interpreted circumspectly, with due recognition of the cost to society of overturning the convictions of the guilty in order to vindicate an abstract interest in procedural fairness.
My dawns come up circumspectly, Quietly with no fuss.
Senior ABRI officers speak reluctantly and circumspectly on political topics.