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EVIDENCE, CIRCUMSTANTIAL. The proof of facts which usually attend other facts sought to be, proved; that which is not direct evidence. For example, when a witness testifies that a man was stabbed with a knife, and that a piece of the blade was found in the wound, and it is found to fit exactly with another part of the blade found in the possession of the prisoner; the facts are directly attested, but they only prove circumstances, and hence this is called circumstantial evidence.
     2. Circumstantial evidence is of two kinds, namely, certain and uncertain. It is certain when the conclusion in question necessarily follows as, where a man had received a mortal wound, and it was found that the impression of a bloody left hand had been made on the left arm of the deceased, it was certain some other person than the deceased must have made such mark. 14 How. St. Tr. 1324. But it is uncertain whether the death was caused by suicide or by murder, and whether the mark of the bloody hand was made by the assassin, or by a friendly hand that came too late to the relief of the deceased. Id. Vide Circumstances.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Quotations are attributed using identification numbers (denoted as ID), typology of woman with no children (voluntarily childless, involuntarily childless, and circumstantially childless), and age.
While there are individuals who are multilingual in more than one African language, majority are circumstantially multilingual (in their mother tongues, Kiswahili, and English) since the school system teaches both Kiswahili the national language (and also official) and English the second official language from grade one up to the end of high school.
The Court of Appeals noted that appellant admitted to entering a garage without permission and starting a fire with a lighter, and held that these facts did not support appellants guilty plea because they did not address his intent; he admitted to no facts that would directly or circumstantially establish that he intended to damage or destroy the garage.
The NAB reference is criminal proceedings where the law provides for rejuvenation of a case if new substantive material or circumstantially evidence crops up at any stage.
All things considered, while metadata can also be used circumstantially, at its core, even circumstantial evidence directly impacts credibility.
In addition, the application cannot be considered as incompatible with the Convention, as article 6 stipulates, "everyone is entitled to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial tribunal established by law." One could consider that these elements were breached by the appeal Court's decision, as the trial was not fair in terms of disrespect by the Court of the lateness exception and the tribunal was not impartial, as it did not take into consideration obvious findings, preferring to use circumstantially tampered evidence, accepting documents notwithstanding the fact that, as the police authorities stipulated in the documents the Court accepted to receive, the situation was real but inaccurate.
Cadiz said such state policy may be established 'circumstantially,' citing his observation that the President 'has never denounced any of the extrajudicial killings.'
This call for reevaluation responds persuasively to critical Shakespeare studies--both from the eighteenth century and in recent decades--that valorize character autonomy as though it exists apart from the circumstantially plotted conditions that supply and reinforce its energy.
Private attorneys who are not members of the public defender's office can be appointed to "uncertain"cases and paid with taxpayer dollars if it is deemed circumstantially appropriate by a judge, according to local ( reports Monday. Though Slager was financially qualified to receive a court-appointed lawyer in his first state trial, Circuit Judge Clifton Newman of South Carolina barred any public funding for expert witnesses and Slayer's private attorney Andy Savage, who offered to represent the former lawman for free.
Similarly why we should not approach to our colleagues doing great Biomaterials Science in the country, not yet member of the society circumstantially, and recognize them as fellows appropriately and bring them to the main stream of our larger organizational structure to be evolved.
Its length is 515 feet (157 meters), which circumstantially is the same length as 300 Egyptian cubits and the same dimensions as given by Genesis 6:15 for the ark.