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These syndicates are very much clever to circumvent the law para kapag nahuli mo at ito ang content, hindi sila mapo-prosecute later on, he said.
Barclays Plc (LSE: BARC) appears to be considering ways to circumvent ring fencing rules.
The global Internet community rallied to help Twitter users in Turkey circumvent a block on the popular messaging service on Friday, as some experts said Ankara's efforts were backfiring.
Allawi said in his / Twitter's account /: "the law was adopted in the House of Representatives to limit the mandate of the three presidencies in two terms, but there are attempts to circumvent the laws and the Constitution.
Saugy said: "The answer to the question of whether I gave Lance Armstrong the key to circumvent EPO tests, is clearly no.
According to the company, the article titled "Modification of Ad5 Hexon Hypervariable Regions Circumvents Pre-existing Ad5 Neutralizing Antibodies and Induces Protective Immune Responses" is an example of GenVec's proprietary vaccine technology.
You can't have a maiden in this, so Maali can go, leaving us with PINTURA and CIRCUMVENT.
com/sports/tag/nhl/) executives to figure out new ways how to not necessarily circumvent or violate the cap, but to at least find imaginative ways to 'massage' it.
Under the current regulations, it is assumed that all partners with obligations to make payments intend to actually perform those obligations (regardless of their actual net worth); if the facts and circumstances indicate a plan to circumvent or avoid the obligation, a partner's obligation may be disregarded.
But what good are the attractive low rates that banks offer if the process is going to require many weeks, even months, and carry the likelihood that the applicant will be rejected, factoring is a streamlined answer to this issue that can circumvent bureaucracy and enable small businesses to stay focused on the work they need to perform.
If we at least implement a product that the emergency room physicians and nurses have helped choose we may be able to circumvent the obvious implementation problems that an EMR will undoubtedly cause.