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And it concluded: "The legislation has been evaded, circumvented and resisted.
"I think they completely circumvented the planning process."
However, some of these laws are frequently circumvented by adults who transport minors to abortion providers in neighboring states that do not have parental involvement laws.
The arrangement established in Sussex Borough completely circumvented this delicate balance.
Six-year-old Caleb Orlando had somehow circumvented a fence surrounding the yard and was being mauled by the neighbor's 75-pound mixed-breed dog.
Although the reaction wheels can't be repaired, software radioed to the spacecraft in late January appears to have circumvented the problem, says project scientist George Sonneborn of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.
"And it absolutely, positively can't be circumvented in software."
Engineers quickly regained control of the craft and, by firing GRO's large thrusters only for short intervals, circumvented the need for the stablizing force of the small thrusters.
By the end of January scientists had circumvented most of the problem by encoding the mapping data at a lower-than-normal electronic frequency Though the lower frequency relays information at less than half the normal rate, researchers found that this signal was not obscured by the whistle prevalent at higher frequencies.
But Sandage and his co-workers circumvented that limitation by using the Hubble telescope to measure the luminosity of 27 cepheids in a small galaxy known as IC 4182.
Now, researchers have circumvented that limitation with the first switch controlled entirely by light.
To achieve these unions, the enormous repulsive forces between positively charged nuclei must be overcome or circumvented. To date, most fusion researchers have tried to copy the celestial version of fusion using deuterium and tritium atoms (the heavy isotopes of hydrogen) as fuel.