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Just as the animal RFID program can easily be circumvented, the national ID system can be easily bypassed by criminals.
It shouldn't be impossible, he adds, since soy breeders have already circumvented a former problem in which increasing protein yields came at the expense of lower yields of oil, another of the bean's most important products.
He circumvented the system and his need to learn by having the nursing staff or ward clerk print out anything he needed to see.
Now some members of the city's zoning commission say Falwell circumvented normal procedures to get the zoning classification he sought.
The final regulations accomplish Treasury's goal that subpart F cannot be circumvented by use of a partnership.
Once circumvented, the firewall offers no further protection.
Sklyarov, a Russian computer programmer, wrote software that circumvented copyright protections Adobe Systems had installed to prevent purchasers of its e-books from making copies.
Creative fans circumvented the song filter by using Pig Latin and other alternate spellings--a search for "etallicaM" still turned up Metallica songs--but Napster is refining the blocks.
As the Senate deliberated on its verdict for a third day, senators circumvented the secrecy rules by sending out a flood of printed statements or by holding news conferences.
However, some of these laws are frequently circumvented by adults who transport minors to abortion providers in neighboring states that do not have parental involvement laws.
Enhanced Change Verification Capabilities Increase Network Availability by Exposing Unintended Changes, Circumvented Change Management Processes and Compromises to Security
Six-year-old Caleb Orlando had somehow circumvented a fence surrounding the yard and was being mauled by the neighbor's 75-pound mixed-breed dog.