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I think they completely circumvented the planning process.
Together, the products identify unintended changes to server file systems and configurations, circumvented change management processes and potential security compromises by enabling organizations to first validate and then approve pre-tested and authorized changes.
And it absolutely, positively can't be circumvented in software.
Yaroslavsky and Burke said they were particularly frustrated by the way the agency's top managers circumvented the board to give out the raises.
Particularly noteworthy was the Court's decision to grant standing to Macrovision, as the owner of the circumvented copy protection technology, to take action in its own right against the sale, distribution and possession for commercial purposes of circumvention devices.
To achieve these unions, the enormous repulsive forces between positively charged nuclei must be overcome or circumvented.
Managers of Xerox Mexico circumvented corporate accounting policies,
According to many disabled Web users, the Web has reportedly circumvented these standards and kept their sites difficult for disabled users to navigate.
By incorporating the OspA deficient strains into our test system, we have circumvented any problems of proper diagnosis stemming from vaccination.
In particular, no assurance can be given that any of the Phase itional clinical trials or that such trials will be successful, or that any of the Company's cancer drug candidates will receive regulatory approval or become commercialompetitive advantage, or that our patents will not be successfully challenged or circumvented by others.
While GITIC engaged in activities that, at times, circumvented central government approval, the notes in default were legal obligations registered with central authorities.
Peter Newman, C-Dilla's CEO, commented that, "previous software copy protection systems failed because they were either inconvenient for the user or were easily circumvented, or both.