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(Now that quo warranto, if it will end in the removal of an impeachment official, are you not circumventing that principle?
Baltikums Bank and Privatbank each have been fined EUR 35,575 and told to draw up action plans that would be enable them to identify transactions that are aimed at circumventing or breaching of the international sanctions in the future.
According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), now-dismissed suit originally stemmed from a February 2012 report from Stanford researcher Jonathan Mayer that said Google was circumventing Apple-made Safari's ad blocker.
Colonel Humaid Mohammed Humaid Al Yamahi, Director-General of Police Operations, said the Criminal Investigation Department was tipped off that a number of Asians were using a house as a telephone exchange for routing phone calls abroad at cheaper rates by fraudulently circumventing the system of Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (etisalat).
If the league thought it tied up all the loose cap circumventing ends, they were wrong.
The company's employee business expense reimbursement policy will not include any provisions that could have a principal purpose of circumventing the SCOS requirement (in particular, the policy will not alter the outstanding stock's distribution and liquidation rights under the corporation's governing provisions).
One month after circumventing Congress to install controversial Charles Pickering, a federal judge from Mississippi, on the fifth U.S.
"In doing so, they are circumventing environmental standards," the secondary aluminum smelter says.
The intention of those involved was to circumvent the seemingly frivolous rule, and since cadet life is replete with such rules, cadets quickly become resourceful at circumventing them.
From trying to boost the average yearly progress for each group of students to circumventing some non-essential budget item, administrators' jobs are now all about making their school systems more efficient.
Or, by downloading an automated exploit, a novice attacker can appear to have the skills of an expert: Even information about circumventing firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDS) can be found with the click of a button.
The Breaux amendment would direct the Secretary of Agriculture to identify imported products that "are circumventing tariff-rate quotas on sugars, syrups or sugar containing products" and report them to the President.