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Baltikums Bank and Privatbank each have been fined EUR 35,575 and told to draw up action plans that would be enable them to identify transactions that are aimed at circumventing or breaching of the international sanctions in the future.
Bush has been circumventing the United States Constitution ever since he was appointed to office by the U.
Although market interest should be required and paid on related party loans, under the current regulations, a below-market interest rate on an employee loan will not be a binding agreement and will not be a governing provision, unless entered into with a principal purpose of circumventing the SCOS requirement.
When the administration tells students that drinking is not permitted, the cadets hear from upperclassmen that there is a long tradition of delicately circumventing this particular rule; when the administration tells students that sexual assault is unacceptable, they hear from juniors and seniors that having sex with passed-out girls is actually okay.
The question is, confronted with clear evidence that for-profits are circumventing the ban by having non-profits serve as funnels for earmarked funds, what is the committee going to do about it?
Others complained that the urinals aren't approved under the state plumbing code and said the council committee would be circumventing lengthy testing procedures for ensuring product reliability.
The company's employee business expense reimbursement policy will not include any provisions that could have a principal purpose of circumventing the one-class-of-stock requirement (in particular, the policy will not alter the distribution and liquidation rights given to the outstanding stock by the corporation's governing provisions).
Such a technique offers the possibility of circumventing some of the difficulties researchers have faced in the past in producing laser light at ultraviolet and X-ray wavelengths.
By circumventing the hidebound chain of command, FDR was able to learn what was actually happening in his own administration.
The technology allows large quantities of monocyte derived stem cells to be produced efficiently for use in autologous therapy, thus circumventing the threat of rejection.
However, the IRS has shown it has little patience for transactions designed with the primary purpose of circumventing these rules.
By circumventing the normal clinical trial and regulatory approval process, off-label prescribing and extemporaneous formulations add risk to pediatric prescribing.