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CIRCUMVENTION, torts, Scotch law. Any act of fraud whereby a person is reduced to a deed by decree. Tech. Dict. It has the same sense in the civil law. Dig. 50, 17, 49 et 155; Id. 12, 6, 6, 2; Id. 41, 2, 34. Vide Parphrasis.

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Although this election brought on "more advanced" censorship action from Iran, Kathuria stressed that attacks against circumvention tools "happens regularly.
Treasury UnderSecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David Cohen affirmed that "our sanctions on Iran's oil sales are a critically important component of maintaining pressure on the Iranian Government, and we will not allow Iran to relieve that pressure through evasion and circumvention.
control" measures, prohibiting both the circumvention of and the
Attempts to replace the universal principles of the UN Charter by unilateral actions or bloc agreements or even more so, use of force in circumvention of the UN without approval, will lead to no good," Putin said at a presentation ceremony for foreign ambassadors' credentials.
Circumvention practices--practices for avoiding anti-dumping trade measures--have proliferated since the 1980s, leading to the design and implementation of controversial anti-circumvention measures about which World Trade Organization members have yet to find agreement.
This means that a consumer must buy a multitude of different devices, each supporting different but incompatible standards and DRM technologies, or resort to a potentially illegal circumvention of the DRM to 'format-shift' their legally purchased content.
His series of ads, run anonymously in Artforum from November 1968 through December 1969, began to explore such strategies of circumvention.
A senior official of the ministry Sumpeno Putro said Indonesia could be punished on alleged circumvention if found to have imported shrimp from any of the six countries to be re-exported to the United States.