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The donation price ceiling was reinvigorated because of limits, disclosure requirements, and enforcement mechanisms that deterred many circumventive transactions prevalent before FECA.
These circumventive transactions' first step was a supplier marshaling unregulated political money--also known as soft money.
The second step in these circumventive transactions was using soft money to support federal candidates' campaigns.
204) Once again, money flowed around FECA's bolstered campaign-finance price ceilings, and market regulation was less effective due to suppliers' and candidates' circumventive activities.
Before the soft-money issue-advertisement circumventive transaction gained prominence, market participants reacted to FECA's then strong donation price ceiling by leaving the market.
BCRA addressed post-FECA-era circumventive transactions by banning certain types of soft money and broadening the standard for regulable communications.
Individual-suppliers' and candidates' circumventive activities continue in the post-BCRA era.
Bush once called "voodoo economics"--a supply-side expansion that reduces political money's price and undermines circumventive activities in an effort to lower the amount of access distributed to political-money suppliers.