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Circumvention of the Content Scramble System is prohibited by the DMCA, which reads in part, ``No person shall circumvent a technological measure that effectively controls access to a work protected under this title.
These attempts to circumvent FASB's due process do harm in at least two ways.
Mod chips and the HDLoader are devices that circumvent the copyright protection technology built into video game consoles and video game software.
The multiple informal contracts were never used to circumvent the Board of Water and Power Commissioners or to show favoritism to any vendor,'' Freeman wrote in a letter to Tuttle released Monday.
Schemes that allow small-word computers to handle longer words circumvent the problem, but such hybrid operations generally prove astonishingly slow and cumbersome.
It therefore circumvents important limitations from both conventional genomics and proteomics and creates an entirely new function-to-structure paradigm.
builds infrastructures on the Internet to provide its rapid, global content-delivery solution -- CloneQuick(TM) -- which circumvents problems of Internet congestion.
In a program that circumvents traditional methods (like night classes at a local university) and accommodates the real-life schedules of fast-track employees, this program brings the university to the company boardroom.
In addition to comments made in the letter, Dunmoyer adds: "SB 1237 circumvents Proposition 213, the initiative that was passed by 77% of the voters in 1996 which prevented uninsured motorists, drunk drivers and criminals from recovering pain and suffering damages.
MAP circumvents that process with its packaging randed under the Noreast Fresh and Village Farmnce's Senior Vice President of Business Develop exciting: we can now sell a complete salad meaive agreement with SunBlush for the developmentnd uses advanced and environmentally sound techder the Village Farms(R) and Home Choice(TM) br to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Send elsewhere in EcoScience's annual report on Form 10-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Jack Anon, Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Pittsburgh in Erie, PA, "The VTI InstaTrak System with Automatic Headset registration circumvents the need for the surgeon to identify and place the probe at specific sites.
By deploying Content Distributors within different networks throughout the Internet, including ISPs that provide consumer access, Footprint circumvents congested routes and improves overall Web site performance.