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John Moyse, formerly at the University of Swansea, who understood the intimate relation between the structure and biology of cirripede larvae.
According to Darwin (1854), environmental factors like food, temperature, and quality of water may influence the shape and size of individuals of the same species of cirripedes.
We were unable to determine whether a seventh thoracic division, which might be expected in cirripedes (see Grygier, 1987), was present in the cyprid.
Cirripede crustaceans of the suborder Lepadomorpha (Cirripedia, Thoracica) of the Word Ocean.
And so in the years between, his seasick voyage to the Galapagos on the Beagle and the publication of his masterwork on the origin of species--even as he wrote four long monographs about what he saw while supporting his wrists on wooden blocks to dissect cirripedes the size of pinheads--he was writing a Prime Mover out of the big picture: "the strongest wings, the largest mouth, the longest legs .
On the most battered shores there are organisms able to withstand the beating of the waves, especially mussels, cirripedes, and limpets.
Latitudinal trends in reproduction, recruitment and population characteristics of some rocky littoral molluscs and cirripedes.