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JustCite is a provider-neutral online citator that indexes, and seamlessly links to, millions of full-text legal documents from over 100 legal databases across the world.
For example, the Citator function tracks the history of cases and rulings through the legal process and indicates whether or not a case or ruling is current, additional rulings exist on the same point of law and the ruling in the case is still good.
The citator services on both Lexis and Westlaw include a full display of citing authorities with hyperlinks so that you can immediately read what those authorities have to say.
I can use a citator to ensure the reliability of tax-related court cases and revenue rulings.
CCH Tax Research NetWork Citator Uses CCH's citator (which does not have explanatory information), Can citate any document immediately from the document itself.
Subscribing to both primary and secondary legal sources is recommended, including state and federal statutes and codes, a citator, an encyclopedia, a digest, treatises and pathfinders.
1] Justis Publishing Ltd has been publishing titles online and on CD-ROM has been publishing titles online and on CD-ROM since 1986 and in recent years has developed a citator to complement its own and third-party services.
The standard browser interface, plus full text search, an ability to move from a citation to the referenced document with a point and click, immediate access to a citator, and numerous other advantages of the digital environment rapidly and inexorably pulled lawyers and judges away from print libraries.
securities, as well as a global Business Citator, with filings and information relating to public and private businesses worldwide.
Over time, JURIS developed into collection of federal case law and included a citator function that allowed DOJ attorneys, and other federal and state government lawyers whose agencies entered into an agreement with the DOJ to allow them to use the service, to confirm that cases were still good law.
Its case citator, QuickCite, contains parallel citations, case histories, citing cases and judicial treatments, while the service provides access to 2500 databases of statutory materials, caselaw, current awareness newsletters and legal commentary.