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A volume or set of volumes that is a record of the status of cases or statutes.

A citator is a guide published primarily for use by judges and lawyers when they are in the process of preparing such papers as judicial decisions, briefs, or memoranda of law. Its purpose is to provide a judicial history of cases and statutes as well as to make a note of new cases. A citator indicates whether or not the law in a particular case has been followed, modified, or overruled in subsequent cases.

A citator is usually organized into columns of citations. Various abbreviations designate such things as whether a case has been over-ruled, superseded, or cited in the dissenting opinion of a later case.

The most well-known and commonly used citator is Shepard's Citations. The process of consulting this book or any other citator is known as shepardizing a case.


a book that lists citations of one authority in a later authority. This allows the legal researcher to discover whether a case has been approved or if it has been decided to overrule it.
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While there is no medical journal citator currently in use, there are ongoing efforts to identify the best medical research on certain topics.
155) The great majority of respondents (93%) conduct legal research online, and print was not selected as the dominant format for accessing any of a number of common research sources (for example, legal citators, federal case law, legislative and administrative materials, state case and legislative materials, law reviews, legal treatises, general news, etc.
Dr Nick Childs, conductor of the Black Dyke Band which appeared on the Beatles hit record Yellow Submarine, was Sir George's citator during the ceremony at the university's Headingley campus.
Matthew Bender (Charlottesville, VA) has published the 2006 edition of the "American Institute of Architects Legal Citator," a softbound case finder which lists and digests relevant federal and state decisions that interpret AIA construction contracts and related documents.
Network Citator Function Tracks the History of Cases
non-cited authorities]) NUMSEARCH (the number of keyword and citator searches performed, excluding repeats) NUMVIEW (the number of authorities viewed, excluding repeats) SUPPORT (time spent verifying the supporting authorities/ CITETlME) 5.
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Its case citator, QuickCite, contains parallel citations, case histories, cases, and judicial treatments, while the service provides access to 2500 databases of statutory materials, caselaw, current awareness newsletters and legal commentary.
On the minus side, there is still no Shepherd's Citator service, but it's reportedly coming soon--and is available in the full LEXIS service and greatly missed in Universe.