cite evidence

See: establish, show
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They cite evidence that as mitochondria age, mitochondrial DAN accumulates mutations, thus decreasing energy output.
But Dr Craig Twist, an academic at the University of Chester, said he is incorrect to do so, said: "I can cite evidence from a Portuguese group.
But Dr Craig Twist, an academic at the University of Chester, said: "I can cite evidence from a Portuguese group.
But last August, McAuliffe didn't just cite evidence that Jaeger was involved in the transactions, he said there was evidence that Jaeger "controlled or had substantial influence over which documents were provided to outside auditors," and at one point "dictated to the CFO of Enterasys what documents should not be given to the outside auditor.
It's bigness can then be referred to by incoming/ outgoing politicians as they cite evidence of Birmingham's ambition to continue to be big for the sake of being big.
The authors cite evidence to support this mechanism and conclude that potential risks of low-dose exposures should not be dismissed until effects of local deconjugation reactions are incorporated into risk assessment models.
Critics of bottled water cite evidence that bottled water often lacks fluoride, and regulations overseeing bottled water are not as strict as those for tap water.
In support of their predictions, the authors cite evidence of increasing economic activity between these countries and the trade blocs towards which they are hypothesized to move.
PRESUMABLY the global warming campaigners who are protesting against coal-fired power stations can cite evidence that supports their opinions (Eco protest report, August 8).
The report did not cite evidence that Garrison was involved in the decision to grant Bresch the degree.
If any of his charges show signs of taking health and fitness for granted, Mostert can cite evidence from time spent dealing with horrific injuries in a mining hospital in his native South Africa.
To take it to the next step and prove that such an event actually occurred, it would be necessary to cite evidence supporting the assertion.