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To notify a person of a proceeding against him or her or to call a person forth to appear in court.

To make reference to a legal authority, such as a case, in a citation.

Cases, statutes, constitutions, treatises, and other similar authorities are cited to support a certain view of law on an issue. When writing a legal brief, an attorney may wish to strengthen his or her position by referring to cases that support what he or she is saying in order to persuade the court to make a ruling favorable for the client.


Precedent; Stare Decisis.


v. 1) to make reference to a decision in another case to make a legal point in argument. 2) to give notice of being charged with a minor crime and a date for appearance in court to answer the charge rather than being arrested (usually given by a police officer). (See: citation)

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OSHA also cited the company for exposing employees to electrical and occupational noise hazards, failing to guard machines and implement adequate lockout/tagout procedures, and creating a potential fire hazard by allowing dust to accumulate on floors and surfaces.
Rathbun, 26, Du Quoin, was cited and charged with speeding.
On July 15th, 27-year old Aaron Spicer of New Hampshire was cited after he allegedly circumvented a checkpoint on Highway 132, went past several coned-off closed roads and a cement barricade to enter Lava Tree State Park.
Books (54.40 %) were the top cited sources followed by research articles (17.83%) in the all original articles published during the selected period.
(ii) Declich and Carter [3], which is cited as reference 27.
The percentage of Pakistani documents cited during 2006 to 2015 was 62.27% of the total published documents as against 59.73% of the documents published by all BRIC countries.
Cited provides smartphone users the ability to contest their parking citations in three taps.
However, this cited reference search is only looking for citings within journals indexed by WOS.
Third, citing the journal publication gives the reader important information that can help him to decide whether he wants to spend time to obtain the cited article and to read it.
3 : to refer to especially in praise <The school was cited as a model for others.>
Four percent said they wanted to transfer to a two-year private college and only one percent cited a vocational/technical school.