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Deena Pace, 59, of West Frankfort, cited for expired registration and driving an uninsured motor vehicle.
Percentage of cited documents gives a starting perspective on efficiency of the published documents.
Cited is a way to revolutionize drivers contesting parking and traffic violations.
As with the McClintock example, both of these journals are themselves indexed by WOS, but we don't know where else Takacs might have been cited.
Third, citing the journal publication gives the reader important information that can help him to decide whether he wants to spend time to obtain the cited article and to read it.
2002) was not cited (although I do consider the new data presented in Zeman's letter to be of interest).
Fifty-four percent cited rotations and another 22 percent cited the flexibility that the program offers.
Searchable Cited References can be used to augment more traditional approaches to literature searching; as tools to analyze research activity; to identify original publications in which an idea or concept was discussed; to compare user behavior today with user behavior several years ago; to trace the chronology of events, relationships among them, and their relative importance; to provide access to interdisciplinary literature; and to reveal papers relevant to a subject not found by using conventional indexes.
By tracing these cited references, an astute researcher can often locate publications wherein the opposing expert has either contradicted himself/herself or the expert has been challenged with critical analyses on the accuracy or veracity of a particular position or statement by other authors.
Among males who had never had sex, only about one in five in each grade cited concern about pregnancy as a mason for their abstinence.
When it comes to nutritional services, the reality is that neither the percentages nor the real numbers of deficiencies cited during the past five years have improved--they have, in fact, gotten worse.
Meanwhile, a look at Coloring the News shows that the New Yorker article is only one of five sources cited by McGowan.