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The author interprets such data as supporting the idea that archaeologists work within a single paradigm, solving and assimilating puzzles progressively in a way that requires citing only recent material, whereas, for humanists, the absence of such paradigmatic focusing leads to citing a higher percentage of older sources.
In Wave 2, 25% of users cited little or no cost benefits as a major inhibitor to Blade deployment; many were citing acquisition cost, and not factoring in lowered operational costs; in Wave 3, this percentage has dropped to under 10%.
With respect to the other training costs, the IRS similarly ruled that they were capital expenditures, citing significant long-term benefits: they created a new language of production terms, expanded workers' responsibility and decision making, and removed the barriers between workers with different functions in the production process.
In addition to discomfort in citing outcome deficiencies, the Abt Associates study revealed that nurses involved in the survey process may have problems performing "quality-of-life" assessments.
Technology Cycle Time is the median age of the references, when "age" is computed from the issue year of the citing patent--i.
Convenience was the top reason for biometrics support with 82 percent citing the benefit of not having to remember separate passwords or other login data.
But the bulk of the citations are not issued for driving in the lane illegally - officers from the Newhall CHP station are kept busy citing valid carpool-lane vehicles whose drivers enter or exit the HOV lane over a double yellow line.
Among workers age 55-59, economic incentives take precedence, with 72% of employees in this age bracket citing "need income to live on" as a primary reason for working.
The Illegal Street Racing Task Force made up of 45 officers from three agencies descended on Glenoaks Boulevard between Peoria and Sheldon streets, citing 106 people for attending a drag race and impounding 91 vehicles.
Before citing minors, sheriff's deputies must ask the youths' age and reason for being in a public place during curfew hours, records show.
Now, legal researchers can continue their LexisNexis Headnotes research in Shepard's, allowing them to quickly narrow a Shepard's list of citing cases by subject matter.
In some cases, Kendall quoted the articles as specifically citing unnamed ``sources in Starr's office.