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Yet Nowland could not cite the player as the 36-hour window during which a citing can be made had elapsed.
Note that there are two citing articles for this citation (Figure H).
Third, citing the journal publication gives the reader important information that can help him to decide whether he wants to spend time to obtain the cited article and to read it.
The citing revolves around an "alleged stamping/trampling on ASM Clermont Auvergne flanker Julien Bonnaire, in contravention of Law 10.
Citing Pielke's work, Professor Michaels has written: "Hurricanes are causing greater dollar damages because more and more people are building increasingly expensive beachfront monstrosities that have financially appreciated during the recent real-estate bubble.
as well as to citing articles in a variety of databases similar to the cited articles.
Variability in citing deficiencies is attributed to four factors: (1) inconsistent survey focus, (2) unclear guidelines, (3) lack of a common review process for draft survey reports among states, and (4) high surveyor staff turnover.
Citing a study that demonstrated an increasing probability that women will regret their sterilization decision 7-14 years later, they acknowledge that longer-term follow-up could uncover more regret among wives of men who have undergone vasectomy.
When citing these studies a second time in the 1999 report Teacher Quality and Student Achievement: A Review of State Policy Evidence, Darling-Hammond acknowledged this fact.
Speaking ahead of the April 10-20 CITES conference in Nairobi, CITES Secretary General Willem Wijnstekers told a news conference in Geneva that CITES should respect the views of the International Whaling Commission (IWC), which bans commercial whaling, citing a "historical link" between the two organizations.
See Plett, 185 F3d 216 (1999), citing O'Connor, Landau, 155 F3d 93 (2nd Cir.
Co-citation links are a second order form of citation linkage that depends on the joint citing of two earlier documents by later documents.