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To notify a person of a proceeding against him or her or to call a person forth to appear in court.

To make reference to a legal authority, such as a case, in a citation.

Cases, statutes, constitutions, treatises, and other similar authorities are cited to support a certain view of law on an issue. When writing a legal brief, an attorney may wish to strengthen his or her position by referring to cases that support what he or she is saying in order to persuade the court to make a ruling favorable for the client.


Precedent; Stare Decisis.

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v. 1) to make reference to a decision in another case to make a legal point in argument. 2) to give notice of being charged with a minor crime and a date for appearance in court to answer the charge rather than being arrested (usually given by a police officer). (See: citation)

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The Analysis of Table 4 shows the bibliographic forms of citing document.
The RFU released a statement confirming the citing which read: "Ben Youngs of Leicester Tigers will appear before an RFU Disciplinary Panel after being cited for striking London Irish's Jamie Gibson contrary to Law 10(4)(a) during the Aviva Premiership match at the Madejski Stadium on March 25, following a report by the match citing officer Wade Dooley."
Yet Nowland could not cite the player as the 36-hour window during which a citing can be made had elapsed.
Note that there are two citing articles for this citation (Figure H).
Third, citing the journal publication gives the reader important information that can help him to decide whether he wants to spend time to obtain the cited article and to read it.
An IRFU statement read: "The three man IRFU Appeal Committee found no jurisdiction is given to a disciplinary committee to investigate a citing complaint of a citing commissioner appointed under those rules.
The years 1996 and 1997 were examined to establish a pattern of journal citing prior to the introduction of online journals, and 2000, 2001, 2004, and 2005 were examined to see if any change in citing journals occurred after the introduction of the online journals.
Pielke, by the way, not long ago resigned from the government's Climate Change Science Project, citing political bias built into the way evidence was being presented.
This year, 81 percent indicated that rotations were valuable, with 55 percent citing the rotations as "extremely valuable."
To define a citation as a correction requires a subjective judgment by the citing author.
In addition to citing terrorism-related uses of the PATRIOT Act, the report celebrates the law's usefulness in catching hackers, child pornographers, kidnappers, child molesters, online seam artists, and at least one person accused of planning a "Columbine-style" school shooting.