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BEIRUT: There are major problems with the bread that we consume in this country and they ought to be discussed with Lebanon's citizenry, Bakers' union chief Kazem Ibrahim said Thursday.
Thanks to the UN-backed food-for-oil program, basic consumer goods are making their way into the country, but a substantial amount is diverted before reaching the citizenry.
It's good for the citizenry, certainly, to catch police officers on tape abusing citizens.
Woodrow Wilson found a citizenry so reluctant to enter the First World War that he had to pummel the nation with propaganda and imprison dissenters in order to get the country to join the butchery going on in Europe.
Unfortunately, the result is an inactive, non-participatory citizenry that refrains from developing community and abdicates its responsibility for building democracy.
This is the result of some citizenry movements that have operated within the parameters of law in order to correct injustices.
A democratic society is fundamentally dependent upon an educated and activated citizenry.
Julius Caesar illustrates the exploitative power of thought: "Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor.
The problem was that outsiders were telling the county what to do, angering a citizenry that prized both local self-government and individual property rights.
He fulfills his task cautiously and convincingly, although it seems to me that probably the most important reason for Siena's decline was the fractious nature of its citizenry and the rather cynical acceptance of the idea that bribes were cheaper than armed resistance.
A pluralistic society cannot sustain a scheme in which the citizenry pays for a school but has no influence over how the school is run .
But it is also a way of shaping and providing intellectual tools to help an involved citizenry choose its future.

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