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When citric acid was added, the values were about 1.
Acidification of the diet with citric acid positively affects the feed conversion ratio and reduced pathogenic bacterial load which was comparable with apramycin.
Our results showed that 1 mol/L acetic and citric acid removes of the majority of the zinc accumulated in SS (78% and 100% respectively).
Ammonium nitrate had a significant effect on citric acid production.
The amount of Ca mobilised by potassium citrate and citric acid was approximately 10-fold greater than that extracted with potassium oxalate and oxalic acid.
The aim of this research work is to create accurate data on thermodynamic and transport properties of aqueous solutions of citric acid and to know more about solute--solvent interactions, and ion-solvent interactions.
Cover was 70% on the EDTA1 and citric acid plots, 85% on the EDTA2 plots, and 75% on control plots.
By using appropriate catalysts, polycarboxil acids, including citric acid (CA), are cross-linked with cellulose by an esterification mechanism.
57 for two metres of foil, a small bottle of ammonia and a bag of citric acid crystals.
Rinse-aid--the ingredients of which are usually ethanol, citric acid, sodium, dyes and acrylic acid polymers--breaks dew the salts in hard water, thereby preventing the adhesion of soap clumps during the rinse cycle, leaving cleaner-looking results (although consuming food and drinks from streaked or spotted dishes and glassware is not a health hazard in its own right).
No more Quaker Instant Strawberries and Cream Oatmeal, which has more sugar and creaming agent than fruit (dehydrated apples pumped up with artificial strawberry flavor, sodium sulfite, citric acid, and Red 40, to be precise).
Advantages of coating organic and inorganic food ingredients with fat, emulsifiers or wax include: increased protection from moisture, reduced dusting and prevention of chemical reactions with other food ingredients, such as citric acid with casein in whipped desserts.