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Guests will have an opportunity to view an exhibition of 14 civic-minded projects designed and spearheaded by members of the Woodbury community.
We are looking forward to a refreshed, vibrant neighborhood where active, healthy, civic-minded residents will continue to make Eugene their home and Southtowne the neighborhood of choice.
They extended, on the occasion, a message to President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in which they express pride at the burst of solidarity which the Head of State has made a deep-rooted and civic-minded behaviour.
Veterans of campaigns such as the Battle of Britain and civic-minded young people such as Middlesbrough Sea Cadets all took part in this year's parade.
John Reap is the epitome of a great civic-minded business leader," said Greg Vaughn, president and CEO of the Metrocrest Chamber.
Will a significant number of people actually spend time becoming involved with such things rather than using the Internet for less civic-minded purposes?
Educated, professional and civic-minded women of retirement age--56 million strong and growing--comprise a population that is receiving a lot of attention from researchers, businesses, the media and policymakers.
The civic-minded pensioner said he was just trying to do what is right for the environment and save the council a job.
I only hope many more civic-minded Coventry motorists will take the message to heart and make a real effort to park illegally as often as possible in order to ensure the council is not out of pocket for lack of fines.
He was very civic-minded,'' said daughter-in-law Susan Bales.
A gourmet dinner organised by two civic-minded businessmen has raised pounds 1500 to help keep Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance flying.
His story might interest Northern Ontario Business' most successful and civic-minded readers.