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According to the explanation of the Law Committee, the communal cadres and civil servants have the tasks, professional requirements as well as other recruitment, management and use regimes for cadres and civil servants at district level and above.
'So I think if you take out, I think our civil service population is not that bad.
The new vehicles will contribute to improvement of the overall mobility and rescue capacities of civil protection teams in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and will be used to transport the civil protection administration' staff, civil protection equipment, rescue dogs, and to facilitate other field activities.
Federal Civil Defence Training School, Peshawar conducted two courses which were attended by 76 participants.
'What these pseudo experts do not seem to understand is that there is a marked difference between the civil service made up of line Ministries and their Departments and other Agencies of Government.'
The administrative senior civil judges include Shabbir Mohammad Durrani in Lakki Marwat, Asadullah in Hangu, Shahid Mehmood in Haripur, Ejazur Rehman in Battagram, Naseer Khan in Charsadda, Farhana Tabassum in Buner, Syed Hassan Raza in Upper Dir, Asghar Ali in Nowshera, Abdul Qayyum Siddiqui in Shangla, Nasrullah Khan in Chitral, Ubaidullah in Torghar, Mohammad Ayaz in Lower Dir, Mohammad Ishaq in Mansehra, Mohammad Zahoor in Lahor (Swabi), Asmatullah in Tank, Syed Fazal Wadood in Karak, Mohammad Qasim in Malakand, Syed Murad Ali Shah in Nowshera and Ihsanul Haq in Swabi.
According to the notification No 208/RHC/SCJJ issued by registrar LHC Shakeel Ahmed, the civil judges from across Punjab province have been transferred.
The good news is that Civil services reforms have been agenda for successive government is one form or another.
It's simply because resigning from civil service could be an individual's hardest decision.
For his part, UGTT deputy-secretary general Bouali Mbarki affirmed the union's willingness to examine the salary file in the civil service sector and discuss all the issues that concern civil servants in general.
They were holding placards inscribed with the importance of civil defence.
Moreover, civil society provides the forums to the people to debate and discuss their issues and communicate them to the rulers and administrators.