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During the meeting, they reviewed the KSRelief's efforts in Yemen in collaboration with the UN and civil community organizations.
The declaration called for strengthening and facilitating multi-sectoral actions for the prevention and control of NCDs through an effective partnership between the country's institutions, the private sector and the civil community organisations.
Meanwhile, the committee wants to lure foreign investment to Egypt for the establishment of projects that serve medical tourism and encourage participation of the civil community and private sector.
NEW YORK - The State of Kuwait underlines the importance of involving women in development plans and decision-making, and activating her role in civil community organizations.
The agenda of the Friday meeting included: the situation in Venezuela, North Korea, and Iran, as well as the role of democracy in combating terrorism and threats facing the civil community.
Muscat: Dr Yahya bin Bader Al Maawali, undersecretary for the Ministry of Social Development and the patron of the Children First Association conference said it reflects the important role played by civil community associations and other organisations in the protection of children's rights.
The minister explained that the competition is open for students from government and private school, academic and training institutes and civil community institutions.
Captain Salem Suhail Al Ameri, head of the community Police Section at the Khalifa Police Station, stressed the Community Police's keenness to communicate with both its partners and the civil community to implement events and activities that could enhance awareness about social and police matters.
Mashnouq stressed, in a word he delivered on the occasion, the role of civil community in activating municipalities.
He valued the role being played by the GCC civil community organizations and associations in protecting and enhancing human rights and disseminating the culture of the Gulf human rights at all international, regional and national levels.
The Qatar Committee for Alliance of Civilisations receives annually a delegation from Europe to brief it on civil community organisations in Qatar.
Sulaiman said that the sustainability of volunteer work should not be linked to certain times or circumstances but should directly be supervised by government authorities otherwise, there will be no more steps than civil community initiatives.